Silver Surfer Epic Collection – Parable


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Silver Surfer Epic Collection – Parable

Silver Surfer Epic Collection – Parable , door Steve Englehart, Ron Lim, Stan Lee, John Buscema, and Moebius.

Timeless tales of the Silver Surfer! Galactus’ latest meal, the powerful Elders of the Universe, isn’t sitting well — and only the Surfer and Fantastic Four can cure his fatal case of cosmic indigestion! Meanwhile, Norrin’s relationship with Nova hits the rocks thanks to Firelord; Ego the Living Planet seeks to consume the Surfer; and a Kree/Skrull conflict builds to a boil! Plus, the incomparable Stan Lee returns to script two standout sagas: Mephisto bedevils the Surfer in a graphic novel drawn by the legendary John Buscema! And visionary talent Moebius illustrates a thoughtful epic, wherein the only one who can stop Galactus from leading mankind to its doom…is the Silver Surfer!

COLLECTING: Vol. 4: Silver Surfer (1987) 15-23, Silver Surfer Annual (1988) 1-2, Fantastic Four (1961) 325, Marvel Graphic Novel: Silver Surfer (1988), Silver Surfer (1988) 1-2, material from Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 1

Amerikaanse Uitgave | Trade Paperback | 504 Pagina’s | Marvel Comics | 9781302932329




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