Sandman 9 – The Kindly Ones


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Sandman 9 – The Kindly Ones (30th Anniversary Edition)

Sandman 9 – The Kindly Ones, geschreven door Neil Gaiman en met illustraties van Marc Hempel, Richard Case, D’Israeli en anderen.

One of the most popular and critically acclaimed graphic novels of all time, Neil Gaiman’s award-winning masterpiece The Sandman set the standard for mature, lyrical fantasy in the modern comics era. Illustrated by an exemplary selection of the medium’s most gifted artists, the series is a rich blend of modern and ancient mythology in which contemporary fiction, historical drama and legend are seamlessly interwoven.

The Kindly Ones have many names: The Erinyes. The Eumenides. The Dirae. The Furies. Agents of vengeance, implacable and unstoppable, they do not rest until the crimes they seek to punish are washed clean with blood. It is to them Lyta Hall turns when her baby, Daniel, is taken from her, and it is Dream of the Endless who becomes their target. But behind a mother’s grief and unyielding rage, there are darker forces at work, and what they set in motion will eventually demand a sacrifice greater than any the Dreaming has yet known.

Collects The Sandman #57-69 and Vertigo Jam #1.

Trade paperback | USA Editie | 325 pagina’s| DC Comics | 9781401291747




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