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Moebius Library: Inside Moebius Part 1 HC


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Moebius Library: Inside Moebius Part 1 HC

“Working closely with Moebius Production in France, Dark Horse presents Inside Moebius Part 1, the next volume in the Moebius Library. As he explores  a beautiful, expansive desert that represents his mind, Moebius draws himself encountering his favorite characters—creations like Blueberry, Arzak, and Major Grubert—and also meets a younger version of himself! A six-part study, Inside Moebius Part 1 collects the first two chapters in this fantastic exploration of a creator meeting his own creations to discuss his artistic process and the real world issues that encroach into his thoughts.”

“Moebius excelled as much in fluidity of his storytelling as he did in the brilliance of his linework.” —Frank Quietly

Hardcover | Amerikaanse versie | 8 bij 10 inch | Dark Horse | 9781506703206