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Final Incal (USA-version)

About The Final Incal:

‘Jodorowsky and Mœbius’s internationally bestselling Sci-Fi saga THE INCAL comes to its phenomenal finale! Lowly class ‘R’ detective John Difool and his faithful companion, Deepo, are unwillingly hurled into yet another universe-saving mission, as their world is faced with the threat of an all-devouring metallic virus. Visionary storyteller Jodorowsky returns to the epic mythology he created with the late Mœbius in the early 80s. For the conclusion of the legendary spiritual space adventure series, he partners with Eisner-winning artist Ladrönn.’

This edition includes all 3 books of the series’ final cycle, but it does not include Mœbius’s “After the Incal” pages. Includes an authors interview.


‘Final Incal is Jodorwsky at his mad, imaginitive best, and fans of the Incal are sure to enjoy plunging headfirst back into the world of John Difool.’ –

‘…this is one of those works that simply cannot be appropriately distilled into a review. It’s far too grand and something that quite literally needs to be seen and held in order to be appreciated as it was intended. ‘-

‘There is, then, in ‘Final Incal,’ no hint of a dulling of the edge, nor any softening of Jodorowsky’s aesthetic. The maestro still delights in shocking his audience; he still loves mutations and deformity, but he is also willing to be utterly brazen in delivering an alarmingly naïve message (only true love can save us from turning into unfeeling metallic beings, man) just as he was completely unembarrassed about introducing us to a giant golden god-baby at the end of the original ‘Incal’. ‘ –

‘Ladrönn’s artwork is nothing short of awe-inspiring. No detail is spared… I can think of no artist I would have rather have rendered it – including Mœbius himself by the time this book was made.’ –

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