Moonshine 2 – Misery Train TP (USA)


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Moonshine 2 – Misery Train TP (USA)

Moonshine 2 – Misery Train TP (USA) , door Brian Azarello en Eduardo Risso.

Torpedo Lou Pirlo thought his troubles might be over when he and his new girl, Delia, hopped a boxcar headed to New Orleans-as far and fast as they could get away from the hillbillies in Appalachia and the mafia killers in New York City. But trouble has a habit of sticking to Lou, and trouble ain’t all that’s stuck to Lou. See, Lou got bit by a werewolf, and now the most deadly monster hunter on Earth will stop at nothing to put this dog down. The hit horror/crime series that Nerdist called damn near perfect is back from the creative team behind the seminal crime drama 100 Bullets! Also reprinting variant covers from Gabriel Ba, Fabio Moon, Rafael Albuquerque, Grampa and Jorge Zaffino! Collects MOONSHINE #7-12

Amerikaanse Uitgave | Trade Paperback | 144 pagina’s | Image Comics | 9781534308275







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