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Monstress 7 – The Devourer TP


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Monstress 7 – The Devourer TP

Monstress 7 – The Devourer TP,  door Marjorie Liu en getekend door Sana Takeda.  De hoeveelheid detail die de schrijver en tekenaar in de wereld stoppen is niet te bevatten.

Humans and Arcanics are at war once again, but battles of the heart and soul are the most dangerous of all. Caught in the calculating grip of the Dusk Court, Maika and Zinn uncover painful secrets of the past while Tuya fights to preserve her future—and young Kippa might be the Known World’s only hope for the present.

Collects MONSTRESS #36-41

Amerikaanse Editie | Trade Paperback | 176 pagina’s | Image Comics | 9781534323193