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Carl Barks Library 24: Island in the Sky



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Carl Barks Library 24: Island in the Sky

When Uncle Scrooge decides to seek out a safe new place to store his money, he sets his sights on an asteroid. But the asteroid he chooses holds a secret that he wasn’t counting on! Then, the Beagle Boys construct an unstoppable mechanical behemoth to crack open Scrooge’s Money Bin and steal all his cash in ”The Paul Bunyan Machine.” And, in ”All at Sea,” Scrooge, Donald, and the nephews set sail on a windjammer to collect $10 million in gold – but there be pirates on the high seas! Plus: the oddball inventions of the ever-eccentric Gyro Gearloose! Each page of these collections is meticulously restored and newly colored, with insightful story notes by an international panel of Barks experts.

Amerikaanse uitgave | Hardcover | 210 pagina’s | Fantagraphics | 9781683964018