The Rolling Stones in Comics


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The Rolling Stones in Comics

The Rolling Stones in Comics, een collectie korte stripverhalen over ‘the greatest rock & roll band of all time‘, getekend door verschillende artiesten.


‘When the Stones hit the scene in the 60’s, it was to play rhythm & blues, nothing more. They were far from imagining that they would change music, let alone become the mouthpiece of a changing world. Sticking their tongue out at the establishment with their brilliant music and hard-hitting lyrics, they achieved planet-wide success. With Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in the lead, these rebels have become, over 50 years, not just a band, but a whole attitude! Through 21 stories in comics accompanied by biographical texts and a rich iconography, this book helps fans relive, in a totally new way, the incredible epic of one of the biggest rock bands ever.’

Hardcover | Engelstalig | 190 pagina’s | NBM | 9781681121987